love will tear us apart

Name: Kathleen
Leo. Taken. Dreadhead
I’m an owner of a big heart and empty pockets, looking for nothing but an adventure. You will constantly catch me laughing, it’s something I do more than I breathe. I am filled with impulsive smiles, bewildered facial expressions, and puzzling insights that circulate throughout my mind.

So we have an annoying neighbor, who I guess is lonely cause his girl is leaving him so he keeps trying to come hang.

The dude is so sketchy and when we first moved in here, I saw him looking in my purse and he asked a lot of questions about money. I don’t trust the guy and really want him to stop coming over. How the hell do I get him to stop without being super mean?

I would just be like straight up “Fuck off dude” but I feel like he might do something creepy or something idk



Austin Davis by Scott Teitler 




Death blowing bubbles on ‘wallpaper’..